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Discomixes Collection Vol.1 On Label

Discomixes Collection Vol.1 Discomixes Collection Vol.1

Mixed, Unofficial Release
Mixed by cd-info

Atrium - Disco Mix
Track Listing:

1. Doctor Jekyll
2. Funny Dancer
3. Hey Tonight
4. Week-End
5. Over & Over
6. Midnight Dancer
Play Time 7:01

Betty Miranda - Medley Mix
Track Listing:

1. Take Me To The Top
2. S.O.S.
3. Let's All Fall In Love
4. Dance

Play Time 5:52

Cliff Turner - Mix
Track Listing:

1. I Need Your Love (Your Love)
2. Moonlight Affair
3. Burning Love
4. I Need Your Love (Your Love)
5. Moonlight Affair
Play Time 6:47

Latin Lover - Megamix
Track Listing:

1. Laser Light
2. Casanova Action
3. Dr.Love
4. Casanova Action
5. Laser Light
Play Time 5:20

Duke Lake - Mix
Track Listing:

1. Dance Tonight
2. Do You
3. Satisfaction, Love & Passion
4. Do You
5. Dance Tonight

Play Time 5:24

Klapto - Medley Mix
Track Listing:

1. Queen Of The Night
2. Mister Game
3. Heart Of Ice
4. She's So

Play Time 5:24

Solid Strangers - On line Short Mix
Track Listing:

1. Gimme The Light
2. My Delight
3. Music In The Night
4. Vision (On The Night)
5. It's Just Time
6. Face To Face
Play Time 5:45

Facts & Fiction - All In The Mix
Track Listing:

1. Give Me The Night
2. Melody D'Amour
3. Love Game
4. For Ju (Love Game - Instrumental)
5. Supernova (Remix)
6. I Wanna Wake Up With You
Play Time 6:07

Hot Cold - Megamix
Track Listing:

1. I Can Her Your Voice
2. Just Gotta Tell Her
3. Don't Talk About It
4. Love Is Like A Game
5. I Can Her Your Voice

Play Time 5:13

Tom Spencer - Medley Mix
Track Listing:

1. Kung Fu Fighting
2. Love's Just All Around Tonight
3. Get Love
4. Fashion
5. Blue Eyed Eddy
6. Ferrari
Play Time 6:34

Disco Megamix Vol.1 - Mini Mix

Track Listing:

1. Atrium - Doctor Jekyll
2. Solid Strangers - My Delight
3. Solid Strangers - Music In The Night
4. Hot Cold - I Can Hear Your Voice
5. Duke Lake - Dance Tonight
6. Facts & Fiction - Love Game
7. Klapto - Mister Game (Special Scratch Remix)
8. Betty Miranda - Dance
9. Cliff Turner - I Need Your Love (Your Love)
10. Tom Spencer - Ferrari
11. Latin Lover - Casanova Action
12. Latin Lover - Laser Light
Play Time 7:18
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