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Barclay James Harvest - 25th Anniversary Concert (1992-2003) DVD5 On Label

Barclay James Harvest - 25th Anniversary Concert (1992-2003) DVD5
DVD5 | 94 Min | NTSC 720x480 | 29.97 fps | MPEG-2@8000 kbps | AC3@448 kbps | 4.46 GB
Genre: Rock, Music Video | Label: Classic Rock Productions

Barclay James Harvest - 25th Anniversary Concert (1992-2003) DVD5
Barclay James Harvest - 25th Anniversary Concert (1992-2003) DVD5

While this is not ideal picture quality, (but really not that bad!) it has FANTASTIC performances of many of

BJHs most important songs. It also has an extra track (Rock & roll lady) not credited on the cover. And by the way, the

audio is spot on. One reason this is a 'must have' is that it has a live version of 'Play to the World' included - one of the

great songs of all time. However, the entire 50 minutes is fab - and a record of BJHs first 25 years, recorded back in

1992. Mockingbird, Medicine Man, Play to the world, Life is for Living, Rock and roll lady, Poor Man's Moody Blues,

Stand Up and Hymn....

1. Mockingbird
2. Medicine Man
3. Play To The World
4. Life Is For Living
5. Poor Man's Moody Blues
6. Stand Up
7. Hymn

Classic Rock showcase
8. Uriah Heep - Acoustically Driven
9. Mostly Autumn - Spirit Of Autumn Past
10. Nektar - Live
11. Caravan - At Nearfest
12. Fairport Convention - The Rocky Road
13. John Lawton Band - Still Payin' My Dues
14. Karnataka - Heaven Can Wait
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