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Mike Francis - Anthology (Curated by Blank & Jones) [4CD] (2011) On Label

Mike Francis - Anthology (Curated by Blank & Jones) [4CD] (2011)

Artist: Mike Francis
Title Of Album: Anthology (Curated by Blank & Jones)
Year Of Release: October 11, 2011
Label: PID
Genre: Pop, SynthPop, Lounge, Nu Jazz
Quality: flac [tracks, log]
Bitrate: lossless
Total Time: 05 h 31 min 15 sec
Total Size: 2149.52 mb

01. Survivor
02. Night Time Lady
03. Cover Girl
04. Late Summer Night
05. This Love
06. Fall In Love
07. Let's Not Talk About It
08. Love Has Found You
09. Features Of Love (Club Mix)
10. Friends (Extended Version)
11. Let Me In (Extended Version)
12. That Loving Feeling (with Ami Stewart)
13. Try Love (with Ami Stewart)
14. Time Out Of Time (Extended Version)
15. Dreams Of A Lifetime (Extended Version)

01. Lovely Day
02. Upside Down
03. You Can't Get Out Of My Heart
04. I'm Not In Love
05. Special Girl
06. Still I'm Running Back To You
07. Don't Start Giving Up
08. Dusty Road
09. I Want You
10. I Don't Care
11. Fallin' On Down
12. Message In The Eyes
13. I Want You
14. Together (Extended Version)
15. Iron It Out (Remix)
16. Suddenly Back To Me (Extended Version)

01. On And On
02. Body Thrill
03. Fantasy Island
04. Good And Bad Times
05. Settle Down
06. Don't Rock My Soul
07. Noi
08. Almeno Con Te
09. Come Si Spiega
10. La Piccola Canzone
11. Complici
12. Sigarette
13. Ciao, Senza Rimorsi
14. Bellissima Occhi Chiusi
15. Chi Ama
16. Ahi Amor
17. Calmi Calmi
18. Distesa
19. Ci Credo Ancora
20. Il Mio Amore Libero Per Te
21. Se Non Avro' Che Te

01. City Lights
02. Summer Breeze
03. Someone Like You
04. Survivor
05. Quedate
06. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
07. Thinking Of You
08. Bossa Per Emilia
09. Time
10. That Loving Feeling
11. Perfect Love
12. Down
13. Friends
14. Roots - Nothing Can Come Between Us
15. I Love You (Late Night Mix)
16. Lovin' It Up (with Bros2)
17. Still The Same
18. Let's Get It On (Live)
19. Say Love (Live)

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