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Sarah Brightman - In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall - 1997 On Label

Sarah Brightman -  In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall - 1997

With the English National Orchestra conducted by
Paul Bateman and special guests Andrea Bocelli & Andrew Lloyd Webber

SARAH BRIGHTMAN performs a selection of timeless
classics with the English National Orchestra at London's
Royal Albert Hall, where she was filmed in concert in
Septembter 1997 for her first solo release on video.
The concert includes a live performance of the international
hit duet "Time To Say Goodbye" with ANDREA BOCELLI,
and a guest appearance by ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER on
"Whistle Down The Wind".


01. Overture: Capriccio Espagnol/Scena Y Canto Gitano/Fandango Asturiano
02. Bailero - from THE SONGS OF THE AUVERGNE
03. Chanson Espagnol - from LES FILLES DE CADIZ
04. O Mio Banbbino Caro - from FIANNI SCHICCI
05. Solveig's Song - from PEER GYNT Suite No. 2
06. Summertime - drom PORGY & BESS
07. Pie Jesu - from REQUIEM - duet with ADAM CLARKE
08. Somewhere - from WEST SIDE STORY
09. I Feel Pretty - from WEST SIDE STORY
10. Tonight - from WEST SIDE STORY
11. T? Quieres Volver
12. Who Wants To Life Forever
13. Whistle Down The Wind - duet with ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER
14. Overture - from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
15. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
16. The Music Of The Night - from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
17. Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partir?) - duet with ANDREA BOCELLI
18. Don't Cry For Me Argentina - from EVITA

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