"The Stone Poneys Featuring Linda Ronstadt and Evergreen Vol. 2 (both 1967) helped define a sound and style that remains pure and enticing to this day. As writer Richie Unterberger states in his liner notes, lead singer Linda Ronstadt's clear powerful vocals were the band's focal point and strongest asset. The [] LP contained their biggest hit, the memorable cover of Mike Nesmith's `Different Drum' (Billboard Pop #13) plus other songs in a similar vein like `December Dream', `Autumn Afternoon' and the two-part `Evergreen'." ( review)

Basic information:
Origin: alt
Language: English
Genre: Folk Rock
CD reissue: 1995
Quality: 160 Kbps
Official website: NA


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The Stone Poneys - Evergreen Vol. 2 (1967)

The Stone Poneys - Evergreen Vol. 2 (1967)

Date Release : 13-04-2010, 18:49 Uploaded By: GROVER
In Category - Pop New Wave Dance

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