Tuck & Patti Profile:American husband and wife jazz duo, formed in 1981. Members:Patti Cathcart, Tuck Andress Variations:Tuck & Patti Tuck & Patty, Tuck And Patti, Tuck/Patti, タック&パティ 13 Albums 1988 - Tears of Joy 1989 - Love Warriors 1991 - Dream 1994 - The Best of Tuck & Patti 1995 - Learning How to Fly 1998 - Paradise Found 2000 - Taking the Long Way Home 2001 - As Time Goes
Genre: Funk Soul Disco Jazz
The Psychedelic Furs Profile:UK post-punk band Formed in 1977, London, by brothers Tim Butler and Richard Butler. Released seven albums. They have been produced by a variety of producers like Steve Lillywhite, Todd Rundgren, Keith Forsey, Chris Kimsey, David M. Allen and Stephen Street. Their 1981 song "Pretty In Pink" was picked by director John Hughes (17) as the title of his 1986 teen movie
Genre: Punk, Grunge, Avant-Garde
Denise LaSalle Real Name:Denise Ora Craig Profile:b. 16 July 1939, LeFlore County, Mississippi, U.S.A. "The Queen of Blues" Co-founder and co-owner of Crajon Productions with ex-husband Bill Jones. While Crajon would go on to produce a number of hits for LaSalle, the production duo also produced numerous hits for other up and coming R&B and disco artists from the early 70's through the early
Genre: Funk Soul Disco Jazz
Hubert Kah Profile: Hubert Kah is a German synthpop band, led by Hubert Kemmler. Started as a trio, consisting of Hubert Kemmler (vocals, keyboards), Markus Löhr (guitars, keyboards) and Klaus Hirschburger (bass) at the time of the New German Wave 1982 commercial success with the singles "Rosemarie", "Sternenhimmel" and "Einmal nur mit Erika... (dieser Welt entfliehn)", and with the albums "Meine
Genre: Pop New Wave Dance
Malvaho Profile: Electronic Pop Group early 80s who got several hits and rock classics in Argentina. Their musical styles that have been published for more than four years, ranging from Italo disco, synth-pop, funk and rap. Albums and Mixes 6Albums+1Mix 320KBS 1981 - MIX ONE Tracklist A1 Autobus Holandes A2 La Cotorra A3 Juega, Juega A4 Que Idea B1 Pedro Navaja B2 Que Pasa B3
Genre: Italo Disco HiNrg
Terry Callier Real Name:Terrence Orlando Callier Profile:Jazz, soul and folk guitarist/singer-songwriter. b. 24th May 1945 - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. d. 28th October 2012 - Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Members:Erik Hochberg Variations:Terry Callier Callier, Collier, T. Callier, T. Collier, T.Callier, T.O. Callier, Terrence Callier, Terrence O'Callier, Terry Caller, Terry Collier, テリー・キャリアー Albums
Genre: Funk Soul Disco Jazz
Material Profile: Experimental punk-jazz-funk-noise-electro band, founded in 1978 by bassist Bill Laswell and keyboard player Michael Beinhorn. Material was not only a band name, but an alias for the intensive production work of the duo (for Afrika Bambaataa, Herbie Hancock, Nona Hendryx ...). Michael Beinhorn left the 'band' in 1985. In the 90s, Material became more
Genre: Funk Soul Disco Jazz
10 Albums The Ozark Mountain Daredevils Members:Buddy Brayfield, Jerry Mills (2), John Dillon (3), Larry Lee (3), Michael Granda, Randle Chowning, Ruell Chappell, Rune Walle, Steve Canaday, Steve Cash (1973)The Ozark Mountain Daredevils 0:38:38 320 kbps (1974 Nov.)Broadcast at the Electric Lady Studio (bootleg) 0:54:58 128 kbps (1974)It'll Shine When It Shines 0:43:55 320 kbps (1975)Car over the
Genre: Rock Soft Melodic Aor Indie
Casiopea Profile:Japanese jazz fusion band that was formed in 1976 by guitarist Issei Noro and bassist Tetsuo Sakurai. Members: Akira Jimbo, Issei Noro, Minoru Mukaiya, Noriaki Kumagai, Takashi Sasaki, Tetsuo Sakurai, Yoshihiro Naruse Albums: 1979 - Casiopea [CBR.320] 1979 - Super Flight [CBR.320] 1980 - Make Up City [CBR.320] 1980 - Thunder-Live [CBR.320] 1981 - Eyes Of The Mind [CBR.320] 1981
Genre: Funk Soul Disco Jazz